Anwar Nadeem


9207ResizeOver 10 years of professional experience with a wide spectrum of expertise in web research, supporting high level Executives and managing staff. Perform immaculately under pressure and handle tight deadlines with no problems. Creative individual with keen ambition for completing assigned tasks in time. I am organized and efficient. For the last 10 years I have developed a wide range of skills that keep me ahead of the pulse. I pride myself in being reliable and committed to the project at hand. I’m a virtual assistant/social media manager by skill and I listen with intent, I work with determination, and I communicate effectively. My concentration to detail is matchless. My goal is to under promise and over deliver always! I feel that I am positive and outstanding communicator and am entirely at ease with interacting and influencing piers, partners, assistants and decision-making management, both within and outwardly to my working environment.

My enthusiasm and keenness allows me to be highly trainable and fast at learning new skills.

  • A Reliable Web Researcher and Personal Assistant
  • Have nearly 10 years professional experience in the field of writing
  • Expert in book reviews
  • Expert Article writer
  • Capable of summarizing books into articles
  • Experience in creating questions and answer from the given text
  • Good Experience of MCQs creation
  • Worked extensively on the given keywords
  • Good Experience of writing on the given title